Winter Solstice Prayer

God of All Creation
We thank you for darkness, for the rain and snow and longest night.
We thank you for loss. With gratitude and forgiveness, we let go of everything no longer needed, of every part of the past that must go
in order for the new world to enter.
We forgive the past, all of it, and let it fall away as this cycle ends.
We turn to the light now with open arms.
We open our hearts in this new year and new world to the expanding circle of love that surrounds us.
We give thanks for our place in the web of life, and for the daily strengthening of our conscious connection with all living beings.
We give thanks for our community — both local and global — of like-minded souls, as together we renew our commitment to a world of cooperation, respect, and celebration of all life.
seeds2012 copy
clockwise spiral from top left: Feherozon Paprika, Japanese Black Trifele Tomato, Blue Kuri Squash, Haogen Melon, Dark Star Zucchini, Big Rainbow Tomato, Early Moonbeam Watermelon—some of these will be available through Laughing Frog Farm and some go exclusively to Mendocino Seed Growers Co-op members.