Welcome to Laughing Frog Farm’s new web site! It’s taken months instead of weeks, mainly because the gardens call to me much more compellingly than the computer ever can. And ongoing global weirdness in this corner of northern California has brought weather in April that is at least a month ahead of previous years. The overall picture is disturbing – creeks are already low, summer fire danger will be high – but for now there’s the upside of early warmth. Our tomatoes and cucumbers went into the ground a month ahead of last year’s. The soil is just about warm enough for corn. We’re running with it – and keeping an eye on the forecasts, as temperatures are still sometimes going into the 30s at night.

New features on the web site: lots more seed information, especially seed-saving details. Chicken Yard Cards is a new experiment in commerce. The Chicken Coop pages are still in process, with more information being added. And check out the Ducks!

newbedHere’s a picture that shows part of a new raised bed inspired by Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture – a garden-scale adaptation of the beds he creates with heavy machinery. On the bottom are branches and bark from a dead oak, with brush and leaves on that and a layer of soil on top. That’s a seed crop of Piracicaba (Brazilian broccoli) in the foreground (planted much closer than you’d plant an eating crop, so that I could fit 100 plants in the bed). The bright green at the far left and at the back of the bed is Divina lettuce.

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  1. This year—climate change?—is so warm that we’ve had tomatoes in the ground for over a month. It’s nearly time to put out the peppers; some years by this date we haven’t even started them. Web sites, including our own, find it hard to compete with nature’s schedule. Gina has been working hard for months on this redo—and on planning the seed crops. We hope that everybody will be happy with the results, seeds and site.

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