this morning’s squash flowers…

redkuriNewly opened flowers look delicate and moist in the thick fog that rolled in from the coast overnight. Ichiki Kuri is the C. maxima we’re growing for seed this year. The Kabocha-type fruit is already brightly colored, and the plants grow so vigorously they stay ahead of the ducks, who nibble whatever they can reach.

delicataThe Delicata are climbing a hog panel fence down the center of their bed. The plan was for beans to climb the fence and the squash to fan out to the sides. But the beans froze, while the squash prevailed. This is the strain developed by inspired plant breeder Carol Deppe. It’s called Candystick Dessert Delicata to distinguish it from all others. I await ripeness eagerly.

gourdflwrcloseup                                                       I’m totally dazzled by these gourd flowers, grown from seeds of the largest gourd I’ve ever seen, from last year’s Heirloom Expo. This flower is almost enough to make me wish to be a pollinating insect.