The Seed Underground

That’s the title of a book by Janisse Ray publiished last year by Chelsea Green. This is a great book, as in required-reading great, for new gardeners and people considering seed saving. Ray’s profiles of major-league seed savers show just how eccentric you’re likely to become over years of growing vegetables and saving seed. Inspiring! An endeavor in which quirky obsessive behavior in backyard gardens is responsible for rescuing the genetic treasure of our food plants from the teetering brink of extinction! Read this and you’ll be fired up to save seeds too. Plus you’ll know why you’re fired up, what the stakes are, and how important it is for you, personally, to do this. The book is inspiring for long-time seed savers too, and for anyone experiencing those feelings of fear or despair so often associated with the grim news of where we seem to be headed. Under the corporate radar, the seed revolution is growing the future. We’re going to make this transition.