Smokiest morning yet

Smokiest morning yet for Laytonville, two weeks into a fire that has so far burned over 40,000 acres of forest and won’t be officially over until the winter rains dowse it. Fifty miles from the fire our throats and eyes feel scraped and hot. Smoke filters the sunlight, providing a gentle protective screen for the ripening garden plants and keeping afternoon temperatures below 90. We’ve been able to ease up on watering, an unusual blessing in the parched late summer.
Nights are dropping to 40 degrees now and early morning chores require jackets. Feels like fall, while meanwhile the exponential abundance of summer requires constant attention – grapes, apples, pears and blackberries, tomatoes beyond measure, watermelons that must be eaten immediately. We do our best.
linatmarket copy
Here’s Lin at last Friday’s Mendocino Farmers Market