Squash: Dark Star Zucchini

Dark Star Zucchini
Dark Star Zucchini
Cucurbita pepo
Grown in 2012.
January 2013 germination test: 95%
Packet = 14 seeds

This vigorous open-pollinated zucchini was developed on the Eel River floodplain by organic farmer Bill Reynolds. It handles cold nights better than other zucchinis, growing right through light frosts, and its roots go deep, enabling it to thrive with infrequent watering. Fruits are prolific and delicious.

Culture: Plant seeds outdoors at around the time of your last expected frost. Full sun, deep infrequent watering – Reynolds dry-farms them beside the Eel River.

Saving Seed: Zucchini will happily cross with all other Cucurbita pepo squash – that’s most summer squash, many pumpkins, and some winter squash such as delicata, acorn, and spaghetti – and the results are not welcome at the table. An isolation distance of ½ mile is necessary. Or you can hand-pollinate. Let the best fruits from a minimum of 10 plants mature to their full size and hardness. After harvest, wait a month for the seed to fully ripen before extracting it.