Mountain Gold Tomato

Mountain Gold Tomato
Solanum lycopersicum
Grown in 2013
Packet = around 40 seeds

Perfectly round, always good-looking, this bright yellow tomato bears delicious fruit on and on and on. It’s a determinate, but it doesn’t act that way! You’ll have hundreds of exquisite big tomatoes. Fruits last for weeks on the vine without cracking. Meaty firm flesh can be easily dried in slices or cooked down into sauce. And because the vines are compact, plants can be grown without support. The market gardener’s favorite.

Culture: Start seeds indoors six weeks before last frost. Good soil, full sun. A thick mulch will protect fruit lying on the ground if you let the plants sprawl.

Saving seed: Mountain Gold has flowers that self-pollinate, so it can be grown near other tomatoes and the seed can be saved. Grow a minimum of 10 plants and save seed from the best fruits of all of them.

You can eat your tomatoes and save seeds too. Just wait until they are very ripe (over-ripe is fine for seed-saving too). Scoop seeds and the gelatinous goop around them into a container and set the mess aside until the top is covered with mold (3-7 days, depending on temperatures). Then rinse well and dry the seeds on a screen or wax paper. The seeds have a protective coating that keeps them from germinating while still inside the juicy fruit; enzymes in the mold dissolve that coating.