Jimmy Nardello Pepper

Jimmy Nardello Italian Frying Pepper
Capsicum anuum
Grown in 2013.
Packet = around 60 seeds
This Slow Food ‘Ark of Taste’ heirloom is fabulously productive as well as delicious, each 2-foot-tall plant providing dozens of narrow 8” sweet peppers. Frying them is the traditional way to go, green or red. Jimmy Nardello’s mother Angella brought seeds from Italy in 1887, and Jimmy kept the variety going, eventually passing it on to the Seed Savers Exchange.

Culture: Seeds germinate at 80 degrees, and young plants are very frost-sensitive, so start indoors in March or April for best results.

Saving Seed: Peppers are insect-pollinated and will cross with each other, and cross-pollination with hot peppers will definitely turn sweet peppers hot. We keep 200 feet between different sweet pepper varieties, with physical barriers like buildings and hedgerows, and we don’t grow hot peppers at all (one-half mile is a safe distance). Select seeds from the best fully ripe peppers on 10-20 plants. Spread the seeds on a screen to dry.