Japanese Bunching Onion

Japanese Bunching Onion
Japanese Bunching Onion
White Nebuka
Allium fistulosum
Grown in 2014
Packet = around 60 seeds

This perennial onion keeps adding on to its clump of upright stalks and hollow leaves, and every summer sends up white globe flowers. Its striking sculptural presence and blue-green/white palette make it a welcome addition to flower beds, with the added bonus of providing fresh mild scallion-like onions that can be harvested year-round.

Culture: Best started in containers, as the first leaves are thread-thin and the plant can be slow to establish. Once it is big enough that it won’t get lost, transplant to a permanent location in full sun and good soil. Mature clumps can be 2 feet high and wide.

Saving seed: Leave flower heads in place until they dry on the onionflwrplant and the outer capsules begin to open to reveal handsome black seeds. They’ll cross with other alliums, so be sure these are the only ones blooming in your garden when you want to save the seed. Onion seed is short-lived, so take extra care with storage (very dry, very cold, no sudden temperature changes—a sealed container in the refrigerator is great).