Laughing Frog Farm seeds are open-pollinated and grown organically in GMO-free Mendocino County, California. We focus on hard-to-find heirlooms and newly developed open-pollinated varieties that perform vigorously in our gardens and offer great taste.

We grow new favorites for seed each season, and circle back to the best of these when our stock is low or seeds begin to lose their vigor. We test for germination each winter – results are posted with each variety’s description, along with the year it was grown. Some seeds listed here were grown as long ago as 2009 but are still germinating at 100% (always rounded down to 95% to more accurately predict real life). On the back of every packet you’ll see the year the seeds were grown and the date and results of its latest  germination test, like so:

Grown in 2010

1/13 germination 90%

This seedy endeavor aims for intimate respectful connection rather than market share. We want to de-monetize and re-personalize our relationships with the food we eat and with the earth’s bounty and with each other. To that end, we offer the seeds from our gardens as a gift. Your payment of $3 per packet covers the cost of shipping and nifty packaging. (The free seeds are sealed in zip-lock envelopes inside colorful packets along with information cards.)

Seeds are the plants’ gift to the future, and these seeds are our gift to you.