Mountain Gold Tomato

Perfectly round, always good-looking, this bright yellow tomato bears delicious fruit on and on and on. It's a determinate, but it doesn't act that way! You'll have hundreds of exquisite big tomatoes. Fruits last for weeks on the vine without cracking. Meaty firm flesh can be easily dried in slices or cooked down into sauce. And because the vines are compact, plants can be grown without support. The gardener’s favorite.

Culture: Start seeds indoors six weeks before last frost. No need to stake them, but a thick straw mulch will keep fruits on the mounded plants clean and cushioned.
Saving seed: we isolated our Mountain Gold patch by 150 feet from other tomato varieties, more than necessary for this one. Fifty feet would do nicely.

Grown in 2009; germination tested November 2011: 85%
Packet = around 40 seeds - $3.

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