Seed Cleaning Opportunity!

When I heard the Laytonville Garden Club needed a speaker for its November meeting, I thought of all those vegetable seeds from this summer that I haven’t gotten around to cleaning. I thought of all the seeds I’ve gathered over the years that remained on their stalks in grocery bags until finally being tossed on the compost pile because I couldn’t quite figure how to separate seed from chaff, or didn’t have the right equipment to do it, or just wasn’t sure what to do. I thought about how simple it is now, with my collection of screens and tubs and fans. And about how elegantly efficient and way more fun it could be when accomplished by a group.

So that’s Wednesday, November 6th at the Garden Club – potluck lunch at noon, seed cleaning starting at 1:00pm.

Trombettas ready to become ravioli stuffing

Trombettas ready to become ravioli stuffing or pie or  creamy soup

Attendees will be able to take home seeds we clean, which will include Brazilian broccoli and Marvel of Four Seasons lettuce. Also, we’ll cut open Trombetta squash for seeds, making the trumpets available for anyone who wants to turn them into pies or soups.

One more also – if you have seeds to clean, bring them and we’ll do it.