October 14

paprika The fall is so full of harvest and all the activities that follow bringing the crops in from the field that I feel my kinship with ant and wood rat and all the creatures who store food for the winter. Gratitude for nature’s bounty is the theme, and I admit that many times each day I get ahead of myself thinking on how much there is to do. Over and over I pause between breaths to adjust my attitude from harried or overwhelmed. Gratitude, like patience, is one of those full body experiences that deepen and fill the present moment to overflowing. The colors of the season help, all the warm bright orange to chocolate shades of the last tomatoes and peppers, the gold light of late afternoon, and especially the reds, like these peppers piled on the kitchen table ready for their seeds to be saved (Hungarian Feherozon Paprika) and their flesh dried for paprika powder. Like the preserved tomatoes, they’ll bring brilliant red to our diets all winter.