not gardening, but…

Onward into the (not) gardening year… I’m not gardening, but the tree-trimmers with the roadside electric-line contract delivered 2 ½ tons of chips to my driveway. The whole pile is shredded bay leaves, and the spicy scent surrounds the house. I’ve mwillowandpathade a path to the big willow in back.

Not gardening but I do have tiny seedlings of Merlot lettuce – more are coming up through the gravel where I cleaned the seed. Not gardening but I’ve also started Jaune Flamme tomato because somehow I didn’t end up sending this one out to any grower and my seed supply is low. And it’s a fabulous tomato. Not gardening but I did put some peas and beans in pots to see what they’ll do – two varieties from Adaptive Seeds: a tall snow pea called Green Beauty, bred by Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds, and Kew Blue pole snap bean, from England and therefore able to germinate and thrive in cool weather. Which is not exactly what we’ve been having – more like an early heat wave – but the nights are still mid-40s, and this morning a cloud hovers about 20 feet off the ground, dense and moist and stretching to the horizons. May it bring rain.

Not gardening but lots of people are, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying sending seeds out to gardeners who will grow out more seed. If you look through the Laughing Frog website and see any plant you want to take on as a seed project with the goal of sharing the seeds at the end of the season, I’ll send you the seeds free. Perhaps too late for tomatoes, unless you have late-season protection for them.