New Year New Seeds New Beginnings

Here are the new seeds, all packaged up and ready to go into your hands and then into your gardens. New-this-year varieties of squash, peppers, lettuce (Red Kuri Squash, Candystick Dessert Delicata, Pimiento and Jimmy Nardello Peppers, Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce), and fresh supplies of favorites like Piracicaba Broccoli and Trombetta Squash, plus tomatoes that deserve a comeback, like Mountain Gold and Tennessee Heirloom.

Two new categories: Useful Flowers highlights ornamental plants with culinary, medicinal, and/or cultural significance. Welcome Weeds invites reassessment of once-spurned garden invaders, starting with the formerly lowly purslane – now Tall Purslane, with the greatest concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids of any leafy plant.

You may notice changes in the Laughing Frog Farm website. Simplified and streamlined, focused on seeds. This is because I am no longer living at the place called Laughing Frog Farm. I’m taking the year off from intensive gardening to help grow our regional network of seed guardians. Laughing Frog Farm Seeds will continue through 2014, and then morph into some other form. More growers, more diversity and resilience, to take us further into a future of food security and sustainability. That’s the plan. Meanwhile, enjoy these health-giving, delicious, vibrantly alive, locally adapted food plants.