March: Month of Winter Squash

I’ve been happily sending off seeds to gardeners around the county and slightly beyond, and if a quarter of them successfully produce seed crops to share this year we’ll be measurably closer to food security, even if only by a few small steps. It’s those first steps that matter. And yes! I still have seeds suitable for beginning seed growers – lettuces and beans and some modern open-pollinated tomatoes that can be grown right beside other varieties without crossing. I know some of you have foot-tall tomato plants by now, but it’s not quite too late to start more.

lastbiscuitMarch has had a winter squash theme for me. Getting the last of the seeds dried has also meant eating a lot of squash. Delicata boats stuffed with rice and dried Sweet Baby Girl tomatoes. Red Kuri with a drizzle of cream for dessert. Trombetta smoothies. Though I haven’t tired of winter squash, I have endeavored to incorporate it into more and different forms of food for variety.

Here’s my latest experiment: gluten-free Squash Biscuits. (The substitution of wheat would make a lighter fluffier result – these are on the dry side and much improved by a slather of butter. Or as with the last batch, a topping of pureed roasted Feherozon Paprika peppers that I had in the freezer.)

2 cups flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free mix of garbanzo/potato/tapioca/sorghum/fava
1 tsp salt
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
optional: any dried seasonings you want to add – I last used 1 tsp dried onion (those sweet Ailsa Craig giants) and 1 tsp thyme
Mix all this, then cut in:
4 Tbs cold butter
Then add:
1 cup pureed squash
½ – ¾ cup yogurt, until dough holds together but is still sticky
Drop by spoonfuls onto greased cookie sheet, press down tops so they’re an even height (3/4 inch or so)
Bake at 450 degrees/8-10 minutes

I’m not quite through with squash, and would appreciate your recipes (add to comments on website). Thank you for growing food – and seed.