Lavender Turkeys

rockingturksA hen who will sit on your lap? That’s what you get with lavender turkeys, the friendliest and most docile of poultry. Also called self-blues, lavenders are the color of a moonstone, a pale soft gray. They have no other color: slates are the same color but have black flecks in their feathers, while lilacs have reddish flecks. Both lavenders and lilacs are considered critically endangered.

Lavenders are good with other poultry though expect any turkey to rule the roost. They are excellent mothers, can mate naturally, and are a heritage breed. If you have never raised a turkey, lavenders are an excellent choice, as they are so personable, very hardy, smaller than some breeds, and easy to manage. Excellent layers, lavenders lay large whitish eggs with mahogany-colored spots.

agnes&ednaTurkeys have very different personalities than chickens: they can do a trance thing that is contagious if you sit quietly with them – utterly serene. Turkeys are not silent, however; when unhappy, they can bark almost like a dog. Luckily that’s pretty infrequent. In some ways turkeys are even easier than chickens, and they are always endearing in a manner to which chickens could only aspire.