Hungarian Bread Poppy

Hungarian Bread Poppy
Grown in 2013.
Packet = around 300 seeds

This annual poppy is the variety grown for the poppy seeds used in breads and cakes. Highly nutritious, extremely productive, easy to harvest – you’ll be surprised at your yields. Five-foot-tall plants offer up many 3-inch papery blooms that are a favorite of bumblebees.

Culture: This poppy needs cold stratification to germinate – in other words, sow seeds in fall for next spring’s flowers. Good soil in full sun will produce big plants with lots of flowers. It will reseed with enthusiasm. Let it naturalize at the wild edges of the garden or along roadsides.

Saving seed: When the space-station seedpods begin to turn from green to tan, their windows open. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. Snip off the open-windowed seedpods and toss them into a paper bag where they can continue to dry out.

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