…home from the Heirloom Expo…

What did I notice first on arriving home from the Heirloom Expo late Thursday night? The velvety black sky with its scattered bright stars, and the thrumming song of a thousand crickets, summer’s counterpart to the wet season’s frog symphony. The moment the car engine and lights clicked off, the darkness and cricket song filled the world completely. “Welcome home,” they said. “Go to sleep.”
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Making the rounds of the gardens next morning was like meeting dear characters in a story I’d heard a hundred times – which was literally the case, as the expo days were non-stop conversation about these particular tomatoes and chickens and grapes and millet and tiny chorus frogs. The Japanese Black Trifele tomato patch was as robust and productive as the stories indicated. We had seeds for it at the expo as well as ripe tomatoes. We met many gardeners who are happily growing it this year and many more who had just heard about it from one or another of the hundred speakers at the expo. Our Trifele plants did not seem surprised to hear they had made more than one top-tomatoes list.
My experience of the Heirloom Expo this year came mostly through conversation at our booth, and my gratitude goes out to everyone who stopped to share. It was inspiring and fun and educational and overwhelming and it leaves me feeling hopeful about the big transition in which we are all engaged. I’m feeling more than ever how our relationship with food is at the center of this transition, and how fundamental and all-encompassing a change it is.
(See the previous post for a photo of Laughing Frog Farm’s booth at the expo.)

2 thoughts on “…home from the Heirloom Expo…

  1. Wish we’d been there, Gina. Sounds like your booth at Heirloom Expo was a rave success. How great that your Trifele seeds and toms have been so well received, and received you well bacl at home. Must have been wonderful to go to sleep to the music of the night sky and crickets after the manic energy of the expo. . Hope to hear soon how the chicken pavillion went!!! XOX, JF

  2. Your booth was beautiful and your grapes and onions out of this world! So wonderful to see vegetables elevated in status! Our relationship with food is at the center of the big shift, as is our relationship with Nature and all of life! No nature, no life. The Heirloom Expo was one big altar to the unseen forces of Nature that keep life alive! We have to feed that which gives life, which we do by giving our gifts. You surely gave yours!

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