last day of summer

September 22. The last day of summer is giving the season a standing ovation at its departure. Ninety-six degrees, not a whiff of breeze, and the summer crops just galloping along, ripening so fast you can almost see the peppers redden. I’m happy to arrange the whole day around harvest, coming inside occasionally to cool down (we didn’t name this the Anti-Solar House for nothing).
So far: sweet peppers, eggplants, squash, cucumbers, melons, red noodle beans. Inside, I finished a batch of tomato sauce for the freezer. Still to bring in as the afternoon sun cuts a steeper angle and the breeze stirs: apples, grapes, tomatoes. Tera continues to keep the dehydrators going, with raisins, tomatoes, and more squash chips resulting.
Lin just found a single peach on the ground beneath the tallest of the peach trees – unbruised, unbitten by bird or rodent, and perfectly ripe. The peach harvest is in! (We’d seen fruit early but it had disappeared long before ripening, thanks to the Gang of Five yearling ravens for whom our home is their home.) So we’re pretty excited about this peach, and will eat it with much fanfare very soon.
Peach verdict in: A brilliant peach, says Lin. Best peach of the year, I add.