rainy day garden planning

The first day of a predicted week of rain finds me awash in relief, and not only because we need it. Rainy spring weather has a wonderful way of narrowing down the to-do list at a time of near-hysterical over-activity. Building projects – the duck pen, yes, we’re getting ducks! – have to wait. Soil is too wet to mess with – though I’ll get out in a lull today to plant peas in ground already prepared, and we can continue planting in flats. I’m relieved too because a slower pace suits my present capabilities – I’ve had the cold/flu/cough that’s been making the rounds this winter, and now that I’m halfway recovered a bit of rain will keep me from overdoing it.
Here’s a rainy day activity – making a garden planting chart. In our case, five charts for the five separate garden areas. I’ll try a map for each garden, and stick up post-it notes with plans for each bed, and add dates and variety names as we plant. And don’t tell me a computer spread sheet would be more efficient. I’d rather do an activity reminiscent of kindergarten than sit at the computer another hour.
Uh-oh. Sun is out. Can I stick to my calm rainy day plan with sunlight sparkling the raindrops on every leaf and all the birds singing? Not to worry, plenty more clouds rolling in. I’ll just go plant a row of peas.

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